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Coming Home EP

5 brand new acoustic tracks + includes 2 bonus tracks
I Miss You
Coming Home
On The Wind

On Your Knees (Bonus Track - CD Only)
Heaven Knows (Bonus Track - CD Only)

Devils On The Run EP

1. Hollywood Radio
2. Strung Out
3. Devil On The Run
4. Back To You
5. Revolution
6. Highway

Takin' Over London Live Album

1. Make My Day (Live)
2. Never Say Never (Live)
3. You've Got It Comin' (Live)
4. In The Fading Light (Live)
5. On Fire (Live)
6. Pedal To The Metal (Live)
7. Until The End (Live)
8. Moth To The Flame (Live)
9. Seven Nights, Seven Bodies (Live)
10. Heaven Knows (Live)
11. Hope |s Not Enough (Live)
12. Takin' Over (Live)